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About company


CATEXPO International Exhibition Company was founded in 2003 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The first specialized exhibition “Central Asia Fashion” in the B2B format was held in 2005. Since then, the number of participating countries and buyers from all over Central Asia has been growing every year.

CATEXPO has been fruitfully cooperating with international organizations since 2011. Among them are Aragonese Textile Association FITCA (Spain), IGEDO International Exhibition Company (Germany), EMI Ente Moda Italia Association (Italy).


Currently, САТЕХРО is one of the few companies in the market of Kazakhstan, which organize exhibitions of narrow specialization and specifically works in the interests of its target audience. In 2013, the Company changed the format of exhibitions, as in previous years it was mainly of a fair nature. However, the new format made it possible to focus on the business component of the market, and for manufacturers of goods - to search for business partners in Kazakhstan. As a result, САТЕХРО supported establishing of strong partnerships between Kazakhstani and foreign entrepreneurs and actively contributed to the emergence of large brands in the market of Central Asian countries. Many foreign companies have opened branches and concluded a huge number of deals with distributors thanks to the exhibitions held by the Company.

In addition to its core business, САТЕХРО develops all types of office and shop furniture, as well as a number of exhibition stand models that combine individual design solutions, maximum functionality and comfortable ergonomics. Such stands are required for presentations during exhibitions of all directions and scales. Furniture and stands are developed and manufactured custom-tailored by design and budget.

In June 2020, САТЕХРО joined the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. Membership in the Union is considered a quality mark among industry specialists. This cooperation provides the Company with support for entering new markets, priority in obtaining subsidies and support measures during a crisis period, participation in educational projects, as well as special prices for participation in events. This had a positive impact on the development of the Company.


“Central Asia Fashion”
International Fashion Show

Central Asia Fashion” International Fashion Show (CAF) is actively developing the fashion market of Central Asia. The event takes place in the largest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty. It is held 2 times a year in Atakent Exhibition Complex.

CAF’s mission is to create a platform that facilitates easy contacts between suppliers and retailers, and, accordingly, direct sales of clothing, footwear and accessories profitable for both parties. During the project existence, participating companies and buyers from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan have concluded a myriad of contracts for the supply of quality products from the best manufacturers. Also, during CAF, you can get acquainted with the latest fashion trends, make a pre-order or purchase of collections, discover unknown brands, and establish business contacts with their representatives.


Companies from 13-15 countries of the world usually take part in Central Asia Fashion. Most often these are Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland, Moldova, Iran, China and some others.

Exhibited goods:
  • Women's clothing
  • Men's clothing
  • Baby clothes
  • Evening dresses
  • Sportswear
  • Denim clothing
  • Fashionable accessories
  • Underwear & Swimwear
  • Bags & Shoes
  • Leather & Fur
  • Hats

Companies engaged in the production of designer and copyright goods are also showing interest in the exhibition. During the days of CAF, they have the opportunity to find buyers interested in representing their brands in the countries of Central Asia. During the exhibition participants present their collections on a fashion podium, assembled in accordance with all rules established by the best fashion sites of the world. Buyers from all over Central Asia review the collections.

The opening of a special buyer's program ensured the wide project coverage of buyers from different countries. CATEXPO pays for accommodation and transfer to Almaty for buyers from different regions of Kazakhstan. Also, program participants have additional opportunities when preparing and visiting the exhibition, for example, organization of individual meetings with the top officials of exhibiting companies.

As the fashion market develops, so does the need for training specialists working in fashion business. That is why an extensive business conference is being held for 3 days during Central Asia Fashion. Every time it is visited by well-known Kazakhstani and foreign experts with extensive experience in various business sectors - from procurement and management of retail outlets to increasing of sales. Business conference participants discuss global trends that may change modern retail in the near future, as well as share practical recommendations.

Visiting “Central Asia Fashion” International Exhibition, you can be sure that there are no random people. The project is intended only for a professional audience and works strictly in the B2B format.

“Elite Line” International Exhibition of Shoes, Fur, Leather
and Accessories

Elite Line” International Exhibition of Shoes, Fur, Leather and Accessories is the only specialized event for the leaders of the Central Asian market and its novice players working in individual product segments in the Kazakhstani fashion retail market. The event takes place in the largest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty, in Atakent Exhibition Complex.

The exhibition is a unique platform that unites fashion industry specialists: buyers, designers, distributors, wholesalers, managers and owners of fashion business from various cities of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the CIS countries.


Elite Line is over 4000 sq.m. of exhibition space, a business conference with the participation of leading experts from Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, a unique buyer's program, fashion shows and active networking.

Exhibition sections will delight buyers with their diversity and excellent quality:
  • Finished products - footwear: women's, men's, children's, home, sports and leisure footwear.
  • Finished products - fur: chinchilla, mink, arctic fox, silver fox, sable and others.
  • Finished products - leather and accessories: handbags, men's bags, briefcases, folders, women's and men's wallets, suitcases, gloves, belts, umbrellas, women's and men's clothing, other products.
  • Leather materials, component materials and accessories.
  • Care products for shoes, leather goods, fur and sheepskin.

Furniture and stand

СATEXPO produces furniture for offices, shops and exhibition stands for exhibitions of all directions and scales.

For shops:
  • display equipment
  • counters
  • shelves
  • frames
  • cabinets for refrigerators
For offices:
  • executive offices
  • furniture for staff
  • office partitions
  • reception furniture and much more
Exhibition stands:
  • any size
  • any design and lighting solutions
  • comfortable ergonomics

We will support you in ordering the most functional furniture and exhibition stands, so as not to spend extra money and get products that best meet your goal.

Choose furniture or stands from the catalogue or provide your individual design. We design, manufacture and assemble work or exhibition furniture.

Benefits of cooperation with «CATEXPO»:
  • Short terms of production. For example, it takes 5-7 working days from creating a layout to assembling a fully ready-to-operate stand on a turnkey basis. This is possible thanks to our production facilities, modern machines and tools.
  • Experience for over 10 years. You will forget about any problems during purchase, assembly and warranty service.
  • Huge selection of materials - MDF, LDPF (laminated, varnished, veneer, chipboard), furniture with glass, backlit, metal parts and products.
  • Rent of additional tables, cabinets, chairs during exhibition events.

Our clients: Efes, De Facto, Ritz-Carlton, Koton, Alarko, FLO , Hotel “Kazakhstan

Order from us and work fruitfully!